How Your Business Can Benefit From Social Media

2 February 2012

Social Media is an effective way of marketing your business in today’s online society. You can attract many more clients with the help of the internet.

Promoting your business online should only take an hour or two.

Here are a few tips on how to benefit from Social Media Marketing:

1. Use your connections:

It all begins with your connections. When marketing your business you can’t afford to be self absorbed and only friend or follow people for your own benefit. This won’t help if you want to establish loyal followings.

2.Use Facebook & Twitter:

Promote your site on Facebook, create a Facebook page for your business. Here you will be able to invite all your loyal clients to follow you. Facebook advertising exposes you to more than 750 million potential clients. You will be able to choose your target audience by location, gender and interest. You can use the Facebook like button on your website, blog, etc to allow for easy sharing between Facebook users.

Create a Twitter profile and promote it.  The aim here is to follow people that are relevant to your website or niche. Before you start sending friends request and requesting followers find out what will interest your clients and make sure you keep it professional.

Post eye catching tweets about your business, the company and yourself. Always making sure they are relevant to your target audience.

If you want lots of visitors to your site you will need a lot of followers. The best way to get followers is by showing an interest in others, take some time to visit other people’s profiles and sites, send a message to show that you care.

When someone writes or comments on your wall or tweet take the time to respond, you might not have a chance to reply to every single one but try your best to keep up and make each follower feel special.

The great thing about Facebook & Twitter is that you’ll be able to share content that others post and they will be able to share your content with their social circles. Social Media Marketing at its best.

3. Give YouTube a Try:

It’s not just for uploading videos of your cat playing the harmonica; you can also upload videos of your products, give demonstrations or take potential customers through a virtual tour of your business.

The best way to do this is to create your own channel, it’s important to keep things professional here as well. Customise your channel by adding your business logo, official colours,etc.  Just uploading your videos randomly is a huge mistake.

When you use a channel people can subscribe and receive email alerts and reminders every time you update.

4.Link Up with LinkedIn:

This is a really professional way of promoting your business. Create a compelling profile to engage people personally ; it’s a wonderful approach in promoting your business. You’ll be able to join groups and share information with people with similar interests.

Social Media Networking sites like these are a really great way of getting more traffic to your site. Not only does it help in establishing and raising awareness of your brand, it also enables you to increase customer loyalty by interacting with them in a more personal fashion.

Please feel free to contact Leanne Peard on 0427695947 if you have any Social Media Questions.

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