Retirement Management

Have you stopped working or are about to and not confident you will be financially secure? 


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We educate & guide you with expert strategic advice to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Living the Dream

You have been planning this moment for the last 10 years, and now its time to live the dream!

Clients that use KWS to help management their retirement income:


– Start utilising a retirement income at the right time.

– Have confidence that their funds will be left to their loved ones if the worst happens.

– Go on more holidays, enjoy hobbies, and Live the Dream.

– If eligible, receive more Government benefits.

– Have confidence their retirement savings will last. 



Goal Setting

– Now that you have stopped working, what do you want to do?
– Would you like to make sure you can leave money to your kids?

-How much would you like to spend each year through retirement?




Super Review

– How should your super be invested?
– Can you still contribute after you have retired?
– Should I access my super via lump sums or regular payments?

– How can I reduce superannuation fees to assist with growth?



– Should you invest your surplus funds in the stock market, managed funds, or ETFs?

– Is it better for you to invest in property or shares?

– Do I pay tax on investments if I am retired?



Financial Modeling

– How are you tracking and what will your retirement look like?

– Will you have enough retirement income?


Downsizing your Home

– What do I do with excess cash if I choose to downsize my home?

– How will downsizing affect the legacy I leave for my Children?



– Will you be eligible for Centrelink and how much can you expect?

– Preparing your finances to maximise government benefits.

We are here to help.