The Accumulator

For a Wealthy Future.


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We educate & guide you with expert strategic advice to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Building passive income.

Growing wealth can sometimes be complicated and frightening as there are so different options available.

This is where we come in. At Kelly Wealth we’re able to provide you a wealth accumulation plan to set you on a path to help you achieve that dream lifestyle. 

Are you:

Have you started to accumulate some wealth?
Maybe you have some equity in your home and you would like to discuss the best options for this?
Should you be focusing on paying down debt or investing?
Do you want to retire before age 60?
Do you just want to create wealth for your financial future?

Your Financial Journey


Goal Setting (10 Years +)

Thinking about saving for another home or investment property.
Thinking about retirement dreams and or pre retirement goals such as travel.


Super Review

More hands on approach such as invest transparency and or diversified investing.
Ongoing service.



Borrowing to invest.
Maximize income and minimize tax.
Using equity in your home.


Paying Down Debt.

Paying down non-deductible debt.
Maximizing tax effective investing if possible through offset.


Kids Investment

Want to start saving for kids Higher Education.


Setting Retirement Goals/Dreams. Projections

How they would look at age 60 or 65 if they choose to do nothing vs advice.


Insurance Review

Inside super insurance, protecting income and or family.

What makes us different?

At Kelly Wealth, we are goals based advisers.

We work with you in deciding what goals are most important to achieve.  Solutions are never the same for any two people.

Why does this make us different?

By understanding your goals and why they are important to you, it becomes personal for us to. We want you to reach your goals!

We educate & guide you, with expert strategic advice, to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Client trust & peace of mind is paramount because we care.

We are here to help.