Starting Out

Starting out doesn’t have to mean staying behind.


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We educate & guide you with expert strategic advice to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Personal Finance.

We understand that the world of personal finance can be a little overwhelming for those just starting out on their financial journey.

With so many different pathways to choose from, deciding on what to do with your hard-earned money might be more difficult than you first thought.

Are you:

Wanting to set achievable financial goals?
Sick of fighting with your partner about money?
Seeking to turn your dreams of homeownership into a reality?
Looking to build an emergency savings fund?

We understand the stress and worry that comes with figuring out what to do with your personal finances. Living pay-cheque to pay-cheque is tough enough as it is, and that’s all before you throw in a growing amount of debt and a budget that never quite seems to work the way you planned.

For many, just the thought of sorting out their personal finances is enough to induce a headache.

Financial Journey

Kelly Wealth Services has over 70 combined years of experience helping everyday families tackle their financial challenges and problems.

Our team of experts advisors can help you:


Goal Setting

What are you saving for and why
Moving out of home


Super Review

Make sure they only have 1 super account.


Budget Review

Setting up a budget and or reviewing it and making it realistic and practical


Insurance Education and when it is Required

Due to leg change they most likely won’t have insurance so more education about when to get it and why it’s important. And or IP only.


Target Setting – Save x by EOM

Saving for a deposit for house.
Plan to start to family
Saving for a wedding
Saving for a dream car

What makes us different?

At Kelly Wealth, we are goals based advisers.

We work with you in deciding what goals are most important to achieve.  Solutions are never the same for any two people.

Why does this make us different?

By understanding your goals and why they are important to you, it becomes personal for us to. We want you to reach your goals!

We educate & guide you, with expert strategic advice, to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Client trust & peace of mind is paramount because we care.

We are here to help.