The Road to Retirement

We educate & guide you with expert, strategic advice to achieve your dream lifestyle.


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We educate & guide you with expert strategic advice to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Your Future.

At Kelly Wealth Services, we specialise in helping everyday families create their dream retirement.

The most common response we hear from new clients is, ‘I wish we did this 10 years ago!’. Start your retirement planning in your early 50’s is the first step.

We’ve found that those starting retirement are often:

Worried about whether they will have enough super to last their whole retirement.
Wanting to know when they can actually retire and afford the lifestyle they want.
Unsure how should they invest surplus income.
Unsure if their superannuation is working for them.
Unsure how to even start the process.
But most of all they want peace-of-mind and confidence that comes from knowing their retirement is on track.


Financial Journey

Kelly Wealth Services has over twenty five combined years of experience helping everyday families tackle their financial challenges and problems.

Our team of experts advisors can help you:


Goal Setting - (5-10 years pre retirement)

Thinking about retirement dreams and or pre retirement goals such as travel
What do you need to do before retirement?
How long until you want to retire? Do you want to slow down work?
What does retirement look like in your eyes?


Paying Down Debt.

Paying down non-deductible debt.
Maximizing tax effective investing if possible through offset.


Superannuation Review

More hands on approach such as invest transparency and or diversified investing.
Ongoing service.
Maximising contributions pre retirement.
Transition to Retirement.
Contribution Splitting.



Maximize income and minimize tax


Retirement and Wealth Projections

How are you tracking and what will your retirement look like?



Setting yourself up to get the most out of Centrelink

What makes us different?

At Kelly Wealth, we are goals based advisers.

We work with you in deciding what goals are most important to achieve.  Solutions are never the same for any two people.

Why does this make us different?

By understanding your goals and why they are important to you, it becomes personal for us to. We want you to reach your goals!

We educate & guide you, with expert strategic advice, to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Client trust & peace of mind is paramount because we care.

We are here to help.