Insurance is an important part of every financial or investment plan.


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We educate & guide you with expert strategic advice to achieve your dream lifestyle.


We can all DREAM of BIG financial goals and have a great lifestyle.

In other words, ‘have it all’! BUT, life still has risks. Tragedy can strike. Well researched and balanced insurance can mean the difference between:

Tragedy PLUS financial disaster and
Tragedy BUT still being able to achieve financial goals and stability.

For those who are self-employed, the risks may be greater, BUT the needs are often very different.

Specialist advice is required.

Not all Insurances are the same:

We have all heard stories about the insurance company that declined a claim, leaving the family in a financial mess. Thorough research on Insurances policies is essential.

Price is important and affordability within your budget is important. There is a difference between cheap and good value.

  • Cheap means cheap, in every way.
  • Good Value- means quality and value for money.
  • Are you comparing ‘apples with apples’?

How much Insurance is enough?

A widow has never said, “my husband was over insured”.

Finding a balance between affordability and enough insurance cover is what we help with.

  • We provide our clients with what they should consider insuring for, to make sure all financial costs and risks are met. (debt / children and education / future income / medical costs etc ).
  • We find the best ‘value for money’ policy based on these insurance figures.
  • We then ascertain YOUR affordability for those premiums.

Our clients then decide on:

  • How much ‘risk they protect’, by purchasing insurance…..and
  • How much ‘risk they take on themselves’ (not insuring)!

Which company to insure with and what policies do you buy?

  • The choice seems endless and confusing.
  • We make it clear and easy!
  • We are agents for 12 of Australia’s largest and best quality insurers.
  • We have access to some of the best product research tools available.
  • We match your needs, situation & affordability with the most suitable and best product.
  • We then offer to review this every 1 or 2 years.

Which company to insure with and what policies do you buy?

The many different types of personal cover each serve a different purpose. We can discuss and assist you with any of the following:

Life Cover
Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)
Trauma (Living Insurance)
Income Protection (IP)
Key Person – Business CoverChildren’s Cover


How do we assess your needs?

Every client is different and everyone’s circumstances are unique.

We take time to get to you know you, understand your individual needs and tailor a package to match. And if you are not even sure about what you need, then we are a good place to start.


What to do next?

Get in touch today on 07 4041 2055 or follow the link below to arrange an initial complimentary and obligation-free appointment to discuss your situation.

If we can’t add value, we will point you in the right direction. If you are self-employed, we have specialist insurance advisers with many year’s of experience to ensure your needs are met and structured correctly.

What makes us different?

At Kelly Wealth, we are goals based advisers.

We work with you in deciding what goals are most important to achieve.  Solutions are never the same for any two people.

Why does this make us different?

By understanding your goals and why they are important to you, it becomes personal for us to. We want you to reach your goals!

We educate & guide you, with expert strategic advice, to achieve your dream lifestyle.

Client trust & peace of mind is paramount because we care.