KWS Aged Care Advisory Service Now Available

1 August 2014

Who Is It For?

Whether considering options for yourself or deciding how best to help someone close to you, aged care is a complex area and requires careful though.  The uncertainty surrounding where to move, how much it will cost and where the money will come from can be overwhelming and stressful.

This guide provides the basics.  You will understand the steps you need to take, where to find answers and how we can help you make an informed decision.


There are typically three steps you need to take before moving in to an aged care facility.

Step #1  Approval

Step #2 Find a Home

Step #3 Organise your finances


Follow the link below for a basic Q & A and information sheet to get you started.

Kelly Wealth Services – Aged Care – What you need to know Flyer


If you would like assistance with the process, contact us now.


Other Useful Links

My Aged Care

Australian Government website operated by the Department of Social Services, provides useful information about Aged Care Services.


‘Aged Care Homes

Search for local aged care homes using the ‘Aged Care Homes Finder’.  The Aged Care Homes Finder lists useful information about services, costs and compliance.

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