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22nd September 2016, Thursday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about how many parents are helping out their children financially and how to protect and structure family loans.


20th September 2016, Tuesday

Today on 4CA Lainie gives a sneak peak into our upcoming seminar wealth creation.


19th September 2016, Monday

Today on 4CA Lainie talks about trying to get a deposit together for your first home purchase it’s often the biggest hurdle, so today Lainie highlights ‘Family Guarantee’ options.  If Mum and Dad are willing to access equity in the family home (or other investments) and provide this as security, they may be able to help the kids into their own home sooner.


15th September 2016, Thursday

Today on 4CA Brent discusses the current under insurance epidemic in Australia. And why Australians are financially protecting their loved ones.


5th September 2016, Monday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about how to improve and gain financial literacy. Better financial knowledge improves your financial outcomes every time.


31st August 2016, Wednesday

Today on 4 ca Brent talks about a white paper produced on the current state of retirement plans for Australians.


11th August 2016, Thursday

Brent talks about GOLD, Why invest in gold.


10th August 2016, Wednesday

Brent talks about TTR strategy, is it dead as a strategy for pre retirees..


20th July 2016, Monday

Today on 4Ca Brent talks about buying insurance- How to get the best value and advice.


18th July 2016, Monday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about fixed lending rates- the great deals available and reasons to fix and warnings.


13th July 2016, Tuesday

On 4CA today Brent Cerutti talks about the challengers of aged care, and what you need to consider.


12th July 2016, Monday

On 4CA today Brent talks about Self Managed Super why it is a big decision to start one up.


8th July 2016, Friday

Today on 4CA Brent discusses emerging markets as an investment opportunity to be aware of- higher return at some higher risk.


6th July 2016, Wednesday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about federal government limbo we are in and impact of making a decision on super and investing.

What are the super changes and investment changes of each political party Coalition and Labor.


4th July 2016, Monday

This morning on 4CA Brent provides some great tips to start your financial year. From budgeting, super and lending. Start off on the best financial foot!


1st July 2016, Friday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about a great opportunity for first home buyers- The Qld Government First Home Owners grant.

Tips for those wanting to apply for it.


30th June 2016, Thursday

Today on 4CA bring provides more retirement tips. What do you do with debt before or at retirement?


17th June 2016, Friday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about end of financial year is one week away. Some tips to consider before then to minimize tax and super.


16th June 2016, Thursday

Brent on 4CA this morning discusses those retirement myths.


14th June 2016, Tuesday

Today ion 4ca Brent talks about the softer side retirement. The non financial aspect of retiring.


26th May 2016, Thursday

Brent touches on our Rich and retired Seminar and talks about the challenges for those who are self-employed when planning for retirement.


25th May 2016, Wednesday

Today Brent reminds those on the Centrelink  Aged Pension

Who may be affected by changes being implemented Jan 2017, and also what to do if you’re impacted.


24th May 2016, Tuesday

Rich & Retired Invitation – Reasons to attend this workshop.


19th May 2016, Thursday

Rich & Retired Invitation – Reasons to attend this workshop.


12th May 2016, Thursday

Today on 4CA RICH AND RETIRED series continues and Brent refers to supers changes and the impact on retirement planning.

Plus invitation to our ‘Rich & Retired workshop on the 18th June 2016. Spaces are limited so call now to hold your seat 4041 2055.


5th May 2016, Thursday

Following on from Brent’s RICH AND RETIRED series on 4CA.

Lock in Saturday 18th June for our Retirement Planning Workshop.

Get started to achieve your retirement dreams.

Register your seat today email


4th May 2016, Wednesday

Today on 4CA Brent provides a summary of the super changes that were proposed and handed down in last nights 2016 Federal Government Budget.


3rd May 2016, Tuesday

Today on 4CA Brent continues with the ‘RICH AND RETIRED’ Series. Today it is about Holistic Retirement Planning.

Meeting the physical health / mental health and financial health element of retiring.


28th April 2016, Thursday

This morning on, Rich and Retired segment Brent discusses ‘generation X’s’.

For some, only 15 years to retirement. Are you reducing debt or creating wealth or both?


22nd April 2016, Friday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about some medium and smaller tier lender’s who have sneakily increased variable mortgage rates this year. Outside of any reserve bank rate increase. Pays to see a broker- call Lainie on 4041 2055


21st April 2016, Thursday

Retirement series – ‘Rich and Retired’

Brent discusses the Tri-lemma of investing for pre-retirees and retirees.


19th April 2016, Tuesday

The first of our ‘RETIREMENT SERIES’ of tips tricks and must do’s when planning for retirement.

Will you out live your retirement nest egg?


18th April 2016, Monday

Today on 4CA Brent shares economists consensus expectation of  GDP growth rates and inflation rates for Asia region.


11th April 2016, Monday

Today on 4CA Brent discusses the very important change impacting aged pension from 1st Jan 2017. Important to review, in case you will be affected.


8th April 2016, Friday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about the Australian Residential Property market and the need to be cautious if you’re investing.


7th April 2016, Thursday

Brent discusses our latest newsletter and what interesting information and articles are available.

To register for our newsletter just visit the homepage and add your details.


6th April 2016, Wednesday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about how a survey has revealed that the next generation of Australians may find it harder to cope financially than this current generation.


1st April 2016, Friday

Today on 4CA Brent gives an overview on small cap funds. What are they and who should invest in them.


31st March 2016, Thursday

This morning on 4CA Brent highlights some new retirement stats. More Australians are planning to work past age 70.

Key message is to start “planning earlier”.


30th March 2016, Wednesday

Today on 4CA Brent discusses the concept of ethical investing. How to do it and is it worthwhile.


29th March 2016, Tuesday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about the share market for 2016. Opportunities, threats and how to manage it.


24th March 2016, Thursday

Today on 4CA Brent points out some great options for making insurance affordable for small business owners.


22nd March 2016, Tuesday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about the changes to aged pension due to impact people on 1 Jan 2017. Important to seek advice now.


18th March 2016, Friday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about the Comminsure scandal and how most insurance companies are efficient and professional in all insurance claims.


17th March 2016, Thursday

Today Brent discusses the importance of updating your super account beneficiaries.


15th March 2016, Tuesday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about Private Health Cover and some great tips when it comes to finding cover.


14th March 2016, Monday

Today on 4CA Brent discusses hedge funds, the pros and cons.


10th March 2016, Thursday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about investment returns for last 1-5 years and the long term average.


8th March 2016, Tuesday

Today being ‘International Women’s Day’, Brent gives some key financial stats on why women are financially disadvantaged compared to men.


7th March 2016, Monday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about a simple tip to boost your super.


3rd March 2016, Thursday

Today on 4CA Brent simplifies ‘TTR’ – Transition to Retirement strategies.


2nd March 2016, Wednesday

Today on 4ca Brent talks about lending rates. There are some fantastic looking rates but you need to know the comparison rate.


24th February 2016, Wednesday

Today on 4CA Brent discuss’s why it is important to protect your income.


23rd February 2016, Tuesday

This morning on 4CA Brent talks about superannuation – 3 TOP SUPER TIPS.


22nd February 2016, Monday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about Hybrids as an investment.


18th February 2016, Thursday

Today on 4CA Brent talks about Retirement Planning – the non-financial aspects that are essential to consider.


16th February 2016, Tuesday

Brent today provides some positive economic news, which has been rare recently.


15th February 2016, Monday

Brent updates us on the current play in the financial market and talks about the CREATING WEALTHY WOMEN presentation.

Seats are limited, so to find out more information and book your seat please follow the link here.


12th February 2016, Friday

Brent provides investment update with focus on dividends and also expands on possible problems when buying insurances online or over the phone. The pitfalls!


What is a comparison rate and why is it different to the advertised rate?

A comparison rate is the rate that all lenders by law must display next to their advertised interest rates. It’s a rate which takes into account some of the fees and charges of a home loan to give you a more accurate representation of a loan’s interest rate once the costs are taken into account.

A recent survey has revealed that the vast majority of homebuyers could be missing out on the best loans due to low levels of financial literacy.

Read on……..



apples What is a comparison rate and why is it different to the advertised rate? Cairns Finance Advisor

RBA Announcement – Sept 2016 – ON HOLD

Hope you’re well and enjoying the first few days of Spring. As expected, the Reserve Bank of Australia met this afternoon and left official interest rates on hold. Given they only dropped rates last month, it’s common for them to wait and see the economic impact of the previous cut before making any further changes.


More importantly for you, click here to see how each of our major lenders passed on the cut on the last month – .


Keeping track of your home loan rate (and how it compares to the market) is a tough exercise given how each bank has a different standard variable rate, and their discounts and promotion offers are constantly changing. To make your life easier, if we haven’t spoken in the last couple of years and looked your loan product and interest rate, it’s going to be worth your time giving me a call for a quick review. I’m here to ensure you aren’t paying above the odds, so feel free to make the most of my services.


For those of you interested, today’s RBA meeting marks the end of Glenn Stevens tenure as the RBA’s Governor. He has chaired 109 monthly meeting, increased rates 12 times, dropped rates 18 times, but most importantly, there have been no recessions during his leadership.

Until next time, stay well and talk soon.

Lainie and the KW Lending Team


RBA RBA Announcement   Sept 2016    ON HOLD Cairns Finance Advisor

Kelly Wealth Newsletter – Sept 2016

Welcome to the September edition of Your Financial Guide for 2016

This month we cover reverse mortgages, explaining comparison rates and discuss ‘panic selling’ of investments and their effects.

And Brent is taking on the Cardiac Challenge again – your support is always greatly needed and appreciated.

Happy reading.

Kindest regards,

Brent Kelly and The Kelly Wealth Services Team
Read On….


newsletter Kelly Wealth Newsletter   Sept 2016 Cairns Finance Advisor


“The Biggest secret in financial success or success in any endeavor
is to think further ahead than most people do”
– TaxACT


KWLS Mortgage Focus – Sept 2016

Whilst the property markets have cooled somewhat in some parts of the country over winter, the recent rate cut from the RBA looks set to motivate buyers and reignite the property activity in time for spring.

Meanwhile in Cairns, the CairnsWatch bulletin states that the economy continues to experience positive tourism activity but continues to be impacted by a weak labour market.  And rental vacancies have tightened considerably over the past twelve months.

For lending in general, there are some great deals around. If you haven’t reviewed your home or investment loan for a while, then maybe its time to do this with Lainie.

And also covered in this months newsletter….

  • 5 Tips for ‘Buying Off The Plan’
  • Could a Buyers Agent be your secret weapon?
  • How to access your equity (and what to do with it)

Are you unhappy with your current Bank or loan facility?
Lainie can assist with a Mortgage Health Check

Read On – Mortgage Focus SEPT 2016

Key to your new Home KWLS Mortgage Focus   Sept 2016 Cairns Finance Advisor


Women in Finance – Lainie Poon

Fantastic to see our very own Lainie Poon, Mortgage Broker at Kelly Wealth featured in this piece.

You can read the full article here……. Cairns Life August 2016 – Women in Finance


Cairns Life Lainie Poon Women in Finance   Lainie Poon Cairns Finance Advisor

Saving Australia’s Affordability Crisis

18th June 2016
Credit:  Your Mortgage

Housing affordability is one of Australia’s biggest problems at the moment, with prices rising at a rate faster than those of rents and household income. However, the government is doing little to address this issue, so real estate group Starr Partners chief executive Douglas Driscoll offers his own solutions to solve the housing affordability crisis.

One of his solutions is to offer discounted mortgage rates for first home buyers.

“Subsidies already exist for students, with the availability of extremely competitive low interest rate loans and study assist loans, so why can’t something similar be offered to first home buyers?” Driscoll asked. “Home ownership is not a democratic right, but it is certainly something that a government should help encourage and financially facilitate.”

Driscoll also suggested limiting negative gearing, as the working class cannot always benefit from it. Though the two main political parties are on the opposite sides of this issue, he believes that the solution lies somewhere in between.

“Rather than abolish negative gearing altogether, it could perhaps be less generous or capped to a certain number of properties,” he said. “This would only apply to new transactions with any existing investments being grandfathered.”

Driscoll also claims that first home buyers should be exempted from paying “the exorbitant cost of stamp duty,” and should be allowed to purchase using their superannuation. “It should be structured as an interest-free loan, with repayments being made over a long-term period with the full amount needing to be settled before the maturation of the fund,” he said.

Significant investment in regional towns can also make rural areas more attractive to buyers and prevent them from migrating to metropolitan areas with soaring house prices. Driscoll also believes that shared ownership—a practice in the UK—will also work well in Australia.

With interest rates at their lowest for more than 50 years, there are some great rates available, let us help take the leg work out of doing this and assist you to get a better deal.

Contact Lainie at Kelly Wealth Lending Services for your complimentary and obligation free quote.



fair housing month Saving Australias Affordability Crisis Cairns Finance Advisor

REIQ Vacancy Rate Report – Media Release 12th May 2016

Vacancy rate data confirm growing pressure on rentals  in SEQ.

The REIQ March quarter 2016 Vacancy Report has revealed the rental market in the southeast corner is operating in a very healthy to tight conditions, wish pressure building in some key ares for more investors and more rental accommodation to meet demand.

Cairns has been the standout regional centre, with further tightening of the vacancy rate, from 2.5 per cent down to 2.1 per cent.

“The Cairns property market is showing signs of consistent, solid improvement and this is a reflection of the broader economy which has rebounded well from the post-GFC woes,” Ms Mercorella said.

“There are some great signs of recovery in Cairns, including significant levels of development already taking place.”



rent REIQ Vacancy Rate Report   Media Release 12th May 2016 Cairns Finance Advisor




Financial Advice and you

Have you asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • What kind of financial advice do I need?
  • Where is the best place to get advice?
  • Why should I get advice?
  • Where do I start?

ASIC are the regulators of financial advice and financial products and have an informative website for investors and consumers called MoneySmart.

There is a great booklet that can answer all of your above questions and more. Click here to read.

Call Kelly Wealth today on 07 4041 2055 for a no obligation appointment to discuss your financial future with one of our advisers today.

Financial Planning – a checklist

If you’re not using a financial adviser, this checklist highlights some of the common mistakes you might make and opportunities you may miss when you ‘go it alone’.

This checklist allows you to quickly check whether your existing investment strategy is covering the basics. You could also use the checklist to compare financial advisers and make sure you’re getting suitable advice.

If you find you answered no to many of these questions, or would just like some help or general direction. Call and make an appointment today 07 4041 2055.


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